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Glassfibre Reinforced concrete (GRC)

GRC also known as GFRC is a specialized form of concrete typically weighing under 50kg per m2. It’s a cement-based composite material with aggregates and reinforced with alkali-resistant glassfibre, used mainly for thin and lightweight external and internal cladding. It has been used by some of the most influential architects in history for its long list of properties.



Withstands Extreme Wind Loads

Can Match any Colour, texture, and shape

Natalie Matsentidou

Natalie Matsentidou is the founder and director of Reinforced Design Services, a leading company in the GRC (glassfibre reinforced concrete) industry. She has a degree in interior architecture and design from Nottingham Trent University and has worked on a wide range of sectors, including residential, education, and commercial buildings, delivering innovative and bespoke design solutions for GRC projects. She is passionate about creating stunning and sustainable GRC structures that enhance the architectural vision and the environmental performance of the projects. She is always keen to explore new challenges and opportunities in the GRC industry, and to collaborate with clients, architects, contractors, and suppliers to achieve the best possible outcomes. If you are looking for a reliable and creative partner for your GRC project, contact Natalie today and find out how Reinforced can help you develop your vision.


What is included in
our full design pack?

Stage 1: Consulting

Propose the most cost-effective panel split, bracket design and installation method to satisfy the entire team involved.

Stage 2: Design Development

  1. Develop General arrangement drawings with details
  2. Develop panel fabrication drawings for the manufacturer
  3. Issue engineers reports for panels and brackets.
  4. Provide bracket fabrication drawings with a list of materials.
  5. Create substructure bracket setting out drawings for accurate bracket placement.

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